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We Were Liars

We Were Liars

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Cadence's family has always sought to present itself as perfect, rich Democrats. During the summer vacation of her fifteenth year on her family's private island, Cadence has an accident which causes her to suffer debilitating headaches. Additionally, Cadence has amnesia, and can't remember the details of what happened to her that summer. She sees herself as damaged and believes she no longer fits with her perfect family. To make matters worse, her mother and others won't tell her the details of her accident. Nearly two years after her accident, she still hasn't seen or heard from the group of closest cousins (Johnny and Mirren) and a boy she had a romantic relationship with (Gat) - a group known as The Liars - who were her constant companions while on the island. During the summer of her seventeenth year, Cadence dedicates herself to learning the truth about what really happened to her.

Author/Publisher: E. Lockhart

Format: Paperback

Print Length: 227 Pages

Age Group: Young Adult

Category/Rating: Brand New

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