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Our Story: Terrific Tales is a proudly South African online bookstore situated along KZN’s Sunny East Coast. The world is advancing at a rapid pace and digital technology has sneakily become the order of the day. Generation Z and Gen Alpha thrive on electronic devices and social media which have occupied the best hours of their day and alas they have become caught up in the web of spending endless hours online or engaged in technology which has become embedded in their lifestyle. Simple pleasures like reading a book have been eclipsed. Although there are numerous benefits of technology, it has hijacked invaluable bonding time with loved ones. The stories we read to our children will live with them forever and they will treasure and reflect back on the time spent reading to them. Our mission is to create a reading revival in the 21st century.

Many challenges faced by children alike can be overcome by reserving some part of your day for reading.Studies have shown that some of the positive outcomes of reading are:
* Mental stimulation
* Stress reduction
* Expansion of vocabulary
* Improvement of memory and cognitive function
* Stronger analytical thinking skills
* Improved focus and concentration
* Better writing, communication and language skills
* Bonding
* Stimulating creativity
* A source of inspiration
* Developing empathy thus improving relationships

Terrific Tales endeavours to find books new homes so that their stories can live on.Re-reading and Recycling books are great for the environment and we believe that stories should be shared with others and enjoyed by many. We also strive to source amazing books at reasonable prices. We hope that this will have a positive impact on society as we are certain that a great story has the capacity to inspire and change lives.