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Kismet For Roses to Bloom by Waheeda Joosab

Kismet For Roses to Bloom by Waheeda Joosab

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In this spellbinding story from author Waheeda Joosab, a beautiful, intelligent, and strong-willed Muslimah, Zainub, finds herself in a nikah, arranged over-night, thanks to her terminally ill father, with a successful, good looking, and free-thinking lawyer, Ahmed Mia.


Ahmed Mia never intended to marry, EVER! When his late dad’s friend, Uthman Habib calls on him to help wind up his estate so that his daughter, Zainub, wouldn’t have to, he wasn’t counting on being asked to marry her too!


Zainub Habib dropped out of medical school to become her father’s primary caregiver when he became terminally ill. Tending faithfully to her father’s daily needs, the last thing she expected when Ahmed Mia appeared on their doorstep one fine morning was that he was about to become her husband overnight. 


Life becomes complicated when Ahmed realises that the union compromised his lifestyle and preconceived philosophies. Living with a simple, unpretentious, Niqabi whose charming simplicity and mesmerizing beauty intrigued him was enough to scare him away from the temptation of ever loving her fully. 


In her quest to be a loving wife, Zainub must wait to find out whether the roses she thinks she sees in Ahmed will blossom from the water she pours on his thorns…


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