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Tales From Dhikarville- Little Sister Qira'ah

Tales From Dhikarville- Little Sister Qira'ah

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Meet the brothers and Sisters of Dhikharville - an adorable series of books which uses cute Muslim characters to teach your mini Muslims about Islamic concepts through storytelling. 

Little Sister Qira'ah is the best at reciting The Blessed Qur'an in the whole of Dhikarville. She teaches it to the other Little Sisters too, except that she's a little impatient. The tables are suddenly turned when she is asked to explain the meaning of an ayah by one of her students. Little Sister Qira'ah stops teaching and closes down her class. How will the Little Sisters of Dhikarville get their teacher back? 

Weight: 55g

Pages: 40

Dimensions: 141x127x5mm

Format: Paperback 


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