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Noor Kids -Sunshine After the Rain

Noor Kids -Sunshine After the Rain

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So often, we face tough trials in our lives. It may be difficult to see in the short-term, but the reality is that we experience challenges because Allah (SWT) loves us and has made each of us capable of handling the tests that come our way (2:286).  In this book, we teach two lessons related to sabr.

Our first story, “Bright Like a Diamond,” addresses the question, why do ‘bad’ things sometimes happen to good people? When Amin and Asad lose something special to them, they learn how turning to Allah (SWT) helps them become stronger, just as heat and pressure transform ordinary rocks into diamonds.

In our second story, “Litter in the Lake,” Amira is faced with challenge after challenge when she is trying to organize a cleanup of Lake Calhoun. When she remembers that even our holy Prophet (SAW) was tested with great difficulties, she is inspired to persevere.

Author/Publisher: Noor Kids

Format: Paperback

Print Length: 28 Pages

Age Group: 5+

Category/Rating: Brand New


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