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Rumi, Mystic and Poet Selections from His Writings

Rumi, Mystic and Poet Selections from His Writings

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Selections from the writings of Rumi, Translated from the Persian with Introduction and Notes by Reynold A. Nicholson

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1. The Song of the Reed

9. The Spirit of the Saints

11. Love, The Hierophant

16. Mystics Know

21. Nothing Venture Nothing Win

30. The Man Who Fled from Azrael

43. "The Spirit Helpeth Our Infirmity"

48. The Disinterested Cadi

63. The Spirit of the Universe

65. Fons Vitae

70. The World of Time

75. Man The Macrocosm

79. Asceticism and Gnosis

84. The Magic of Love

87. Cosmic Consciousness

96. The Unseen Power

102. The Apology of Iblis

103. Love and Logic

114. The Soul of the World

116. The God-Man

117. The Spiritual Ascension

Author/Publisher: Moulana Jalal u Din Rumi

Format: Paperback

Print Length: 162 Pages

Category/Rating: Brand New

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