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Noor Kids -Protectors of the Planet Protectors Of The Planet

Noor Kids -Protectors of the Planet Protectors Of The Planet

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"Despite the earth's tremendous beauty and significance in Islam, our world is experiencing grave environmental crises. Our first story, Sujood in the Woods, illustrates the environment as a place of wonders and signs. As Amin opens himself to appreciating the nature around him, he develops admiration and deep respect for the Creator. Our second story, Care for Creation, teaches that we have a religious duty to be custodians of the environment. When Amira and her friends learn that the earth is in danger, they decide to do everything they can to make a difference."--Provided by publisher

Author/Publisher: Noor Kids

Format: Paperback

Print Length: 28 Pages

Age Group: 5+

Category/Rating: Brand New


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