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Mr. Bump

Mr. Bump

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Poor Mr. Bump - he's covered in bandages and has horrible accidents. He is stuck with all bad luck because he can't avoid bumping into things.

He attempts to fix a loose chimney pot on the roof of his house, which goes horribly wrong when he tries to use a long ladder and ends up smashing all of the windows of his house. On account of his accident-proneness, he has been costed many jobs.

He goes on holiday to a seaside and several things happen to him, such as getting his foot stuck in a bucket and falling into a hole shortly afterwards.

While on holiday, he has a great idea of an ideal job to do, which was being an apple picker in Mr. Barley's apple orchard. Instead of using a ladder to pick the apples, he just wanders around the orchard and bumps into the trees, which knocks apples off the trees that he catches.


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