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Hijabi Girl:Making Friends

Hijabi Girl:Making Friends

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8 year old Melek always finds answers. Some are under her super hijab.For others she needs the help of newcomer Tien who draws fantastic worlds as an escape, dress-ups-guru Lily or even soccer-mad Zac who NEVER agrees with her. Melek wants to start her own Aussie Rules girls’ football team. Unable to find a book character in a hijab for the Book Parade, Melek writes her own, with illustrations by awesome Tien.Their classroom has Fab Science projects,a Rainbow Reading Chair and a Corridor of Characters. Plus Zac’s Reading Rat. Melek solves all problems, even rescuing Zac in the pool. And luckily her fashionista mother designs club colour-coded hijabs for footy fans.

Format: Paperback

Ages: 7+


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