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Healthy Habits Series

Healthy Habits Series

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Format: Paperback

Ages: 5-7 Years


Dog's Guide to Helping Others

Mum is teaching her puppies how to be helpful and they are learning how to share, how to have good manners, how to be tidy and more.


Sloth's Guide to Keeping Calm

This book has lots of advice for how to manage emotions and stay calm for its human readers. Topics include doing one thing at a time, getting enough rest, exercise and asking others for help.


Kangaroo's Guide to Keeping Fit.

This book follows a day in the life of the kangaroos to find out how keeping fit helps them. Information includes the different types of exercise children can try and how to exercise safely.


Lemur's Guide to Healthy Eating

This book follows the story of Lemur and provides lots of advice on healthy eating for its human readers. Topics include eating together, the importance of breakfast, how to eat a balanced diet and snacks and sugary foods.


Koala's Guide to Sleep

Koala knows sleep will give him the energy he needs to move around at night, when its cool. Topics include why sleep is important and gives some hints and tips on how to have a good night’s sleep.


Leopard's Guide to Keeping Clean

Leopard spends around half the time she is awake making sure her cubs are clean. This book follows the story of leopard and her cubs and how they keep clean. Topics include when and how to wash hands, and keeping hair and teeth clean.


Panda's Guide to Mental Wellbeing

Panda has lots of ways to look after her wellbeing and her cub’s. She eats healthy food, gets plenty of exercise and is kind to others and herself.


Elephant's Guide to Making Friends

Elephant loves seeing his friends and making new friends and he has lots of tips for how to be a good friend for young children. The book covers topics such as empathy, saying sorry and listening.


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