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Happiness Everyday For Kids

Happiness Everyday For Kids

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Following the worldwide success of Happiness Every Day (for adults), Safiya Hussain has created a similar book for children. The book contains 365 daily practical tips (with illustrations) to improve the happiness of Muslim children aged between 5-12+  Dear child, The moment you opened your eyes when you were born, your chase for happiness began. Your soul began searching for comfort, purpose, peace and joy. This book will help you find that happiness. Written with Islam in mind, there are 365 tips that will put happiness into each day of your year. This book will; make you take steps to find pleasure, teach you about positive thinking, show you the beauty around you, help you to be a better person, place love into your heart for Allah and, most importantly, remind you of the purpose of your life. Happiness Every Day for Kids will be your good companion that will stay with you every single day. And will also help you on your journey to Heaven; the place of forever home.


Pages: 378

Ages: 5- 12+ 



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