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Happily Ever After Journey to Jannah

Happily Ever After Journey to Jannah

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Happily Ever After…Journey to Jannah” comprises thirty-three chapters, significant of the age of the people of Jannah.  This book aims to inspire and encourage every soul to make the best of this one life we have and to greatly attach our hearts to the promises of Al Aakhirah.  It is a small exposition on a great topic and strives to share succinctly the reality of every stage and path that the soul will traverse as conveyed to us through the glorious words of Al Quraan and the pearls of the Ahaadith.

From ‘Once upon a time’…being the ‘aalam e arwah, to the womb of the mother, to the transient life of Ad Dunya, to the experience of death, to life in the Qabr, the Day of Qiyamah and all that follows until the believing soul enters into the Eternal Peace of Jannah, including all that he/she will experience and discover in its Everlasting Beauty…these constitute the contents and coverage of Rehana Shah–Bulbulia‘s book, ‘Happily Ever After…Journey to Jannah’.

Author/Publisher: Rehana Shah Bulbulia

Format: Paperback

Print Length: 168 Pages

Category/Rating: Brand New 

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