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Faizel and the Stars

Faizel and the Stars

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All Faizel ever wanted was to shine like the stars he so dearly adores. The day before his fifth birthday is an ordinary day: he and his sister play with her dolls and he helps his mother with the laundry. But his dad always has something to say about Faizel being like that. What exactly does his dad mean when he uses the words, like that?

What is in the wrapped gift that they surprise him with on the morning of his birthday, and what lies ahead for Faizel’s future? Will he get to live his dream and shine like a star?

A gentle story about a little AfriKaaps boy who is different that teaches children about acceptance and tolerance, and to be loving.

Author/Publisher: Rafiek Mammon

Format: Paperback

Print Length: 32 Pages

Age Group: 6+

Category/Rating: Brand New

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