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Beyond The Forest: Adventures with the Awliya Part 1

Beyond The Forest: Adventures with the Awliya Part 1

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Suddenly they heard the sound of hooves and horns. Men appeared between the trees, armed with bows and arrows.

Jem turned to Mika. “I don’t think we’re in your forest anymore.”

When Jem goes to spend his summer holidays with his cousins in the countryside, he‘s expecting adventures. But not like these…

Join Jem, Mika and Mu through a doorway deep in the forest, as they travel to mysterious lands, across deserts, swamps and rivers, encountering bandits, castles and snakes, in search of some of the greatest figures in Islamic history: the legendary Awliya.

Are you ready to go … Beyond the Forest?

Author/Publisher: Noor Yusuf 

Format: Paperback 

Print Length: 168 Pages

Age Group: 9+


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