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Around the World in 80 Tales (Hardback)

Around the World in 80 Tales (Hardback)

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Take a journey around the world and celebrate diversity! Around the World in 80 Tales, written by Saviour Pirotta and richly illustrated by Richard Johnson, takes readers across six continents, with entertaining folktales from eighty different storytelling traditions. An excellent introduction to foreign countries, these beautifully told stories are perfect for reading aloud and encouraging children to learn about different cultures and other parts of the world. From a dragon princess in China to a clever peddler in Morocco, children will meet wonderful characters as they travel story-by-story around the globe. An ideal gift, this deluxe volume is a joyous celebration of the world's wonderful diversity.

Author/Publisher: Kingfisher

Format: Hardback

Print Length: 176

Age Group: 6+

Category/Rating: Brand New (Remainder)

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