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A Glimpse Into The Lives Of The Sahabiyyat

A Glimpse Into The Lives Of The Sahabiyyat

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Pages: 119

Part of the proceeds are for the upkeep of the Dar al Ilm Madressa in Syria.

Alhamdullilah.. The first of the kitaabs which have been translated by Aatiqah and Maseeha Saloojee from Arabic to English, have been published.

*A GLIMPSE INTO THE LIVES OF THE SAHABIYYAT (RA)* highlights the lives of some of the prominent Sahabiyyah RA  
and their role in the spreading of Islam.
Proceeds from the kitaab will go to the the upkeep of Maseeha's school in Syria (Dar AL Ilm), In shaa Allah. Alhamdulillah, this school, which provides Islaamic as well as secular education to orphans and refugees  started off in 2019 as a nursery school with 15 students and now have a roll of over 250 students of different age groups, with a further 150 on a waiting list.

By purchasing this book, you can increase your knowledge of these great personalities of Islaam, the Sahabiyyah RA.


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